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Ohio-Clothesline of Quilts
Give Donna Sue Groves credit for this tribute to her mother, which began with a painted quilt square on the family farm's barn in Manchester. Now more than twenty barns in Adams County are decorated, each with a different pattern, creating a quilt sampler that honors this appalachian tradition. Travel on state routes and side roads through five counties to find more of the Pinwheel, Lemoyne Stars, Windmill, Hour Glass and other unique pattern designs. The idea-birthed in Ohio-and now spreading across Appalachia and America-created an unexpected surge to preserve the barns on which the squares are painted, while linking the shared heritage of the region.

The Bob Evans Farms Museum
The Bob Evans Farms Museum in Rio Grande Ohio will feature an exhibit of Quilts from the collection of Maxine Groves, the woman who is the inspiration for all the Quilt squares on barns in America. This exhibit will be on display from April 1, through December 23, 2008. The Museum is open daily from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Brown County Quilt Barns Trail
As an artist and long time collector of quilts JoAnn welcomed the opportunity to merge her passions of fine arts, restoration work and quilting by becoming involved with the Brown County Quilters. The Brown county, Ohio Quilt Barn Project wishes to encourage heritage tourism by promoting Appalachian Folk Arts.

Adams County Original Clothesline of Quilts Trail
Donna Sue Groves had a dream to someday honor her mother with a large painting on their barn of her mother's passion, quilting. That one beautiful dream has now lead to more than the planned 21 quilt squares, throughout Adams County and beyond!

Pike County Pike's Patches Quilt Trail
Pike's Patches is a project of The Pike Arts Guild and links Pike County with the other Ohio counties participating in the "Clothesline of Quilts" across Southern Ohio and throughout the other Appalachian states. Our quilt squares are primarily based on a family quilt being placed on the same family's building or barn. It is our continuing effort to have at least one square in every township.

Vinton County Quilt Barns Trail
Vinton County has four quilt barns completed. We aspire to have twenty quilt squares draped across the landscape. Our quilt squares all have been painted by volunteers from the community and have been hung on the barns by volunteers from Sojourner’s Care Network.

Athens County A Patchwork Path Through Athens County Trail
There’s no better way to tour the hills of Athens County than the Quilt Barn Tour. Your mission – to see over 20 historic quilt barns. Your reward? Spectacular views of the Appalachian hill country.

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